21/22 May, return to Freiburg

Sarve takes one van to Freiburg, me the other. The musicians fly off to London for the UK leg of the tour. Bloody hot journey… stop in Regensburg, Neurnberg and on home. Today the temperature is up in the high 20s at least and out on the autobahn its in the 30s. And I’m driving west to Freiburg and the sun is shining in the drivers window all the way and this van doesn’t have any conditioning beyond rolling the windows down, which on the autobahn is going to dehydrate me to raisin like proportions as well as being uncomfortable but the alternative, having the windows up, brings the temperature in the cab up into the mid-forties within a short time so I alternate between cooking and being blasted by the wind and fortunately I’m travelling on my own so no-one hears me cursing and I arrive in Regensburg with sweat sores around my waist and a great and immediate thirst. Fortunately, this is Germany and they understand great and immediate thirsts, for which they invented beer. But I couldn’t be bothered to take pictures, so it’s a text only post… :)