Deva Premal and Miten On Tour 2009

I’m the roadie for Deva Premal and Miten while they are in Europe. When there are problems I get called the “Road Manager” to make me feel better about it all. Mostly I drive a van around with equipment and merchandising and make sure it arrives (and leaves) the various concert halls on the tour. I get to practise photography as well. These are some blogs from the European tour 2009.

Manose, Deva and Miten

I’ve known them both for quite a number of years, so really it’s a good excuse to hang out and have fun and at the same time, serve a useful purpose in the Grand Scheme of things. When I’m driving I like to listen to music (a van with a CD player is part of the contract) and I might write about what I’m listening to. Different tours have a different CD associated with them. 2008 was Guru Singh’s “A Game of Chants”. This year it could be MC Yogi and “Elephant Power”, as that’s Manartha’s favourite. We’ll see. There’s a small cast of characters on this tour. There are the stars themselves (Deva, Miten and Manose), there is Tango Meister Sakha, who does the sound, there is Head of Sales, Manartha and myself. Oh, and on some of the gigs we have Rajen, the big boss. He’s the serious looking one in some of the pictures.